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How Does Recycling Reduce Climate Change?

How Does Recycling Reduce Climate Change?

Over the past couple of years, recycling has shown to be one of the most powerful tools we can all use to help slow down climate change.  Climate Change refers to a long-term change/shift in the weather we see in the world. What are referred to as average weather patterns, such as a warmer climate … Read more

Why Is Landfill Bad For The Environment ?

Why Is Landfill Bad For The Environment?

You might have heard the word landfill on the news, but still not be sure on what it means? The reality is any waste that is not recycled or reused has to go somewhere and that place is a landfill. At Collect My Clothes are aim is to stop this from happening. By using Collect … Read more

Why You Should Recycle Your Clothes Instead Of Binning Them

Why You Should Recycle Your Clothes Instead Of Binning Them

It happens to us all, we often fall out of love with our clothes and feel like it’s time to do a clean-out. But, before you go straight to the bin with your bag of unwanted clothing, it is worth thinking about what is best for them. Helping The Environment So you’ve sorted the wardrobe … Read more

How Your Clothing Is Helping The Environment And UK / Welsh Charities

How Your Clothing Is Helping The Environment And UK / Welsh Charities

Four months into the new year and what a hugely successful four months it has been. At Collect My Clothes are aim has always been to help our partner charities raise additional funds through clothes recycling. We have selected a range of partner charities, allowing you to support the cause which is most important to … Read more

We Are Offering Contactless Collection

During this unprecedented time, our priority at Collect My Clothes Wales is to ensure the safety of you and your family. Collect My Clothes are offering a contactless collection service, so you can continue to have a clear out without any risk. First, bag up all of your unwanted clothes. Collect My Clothes are able … Read more

How Donating Clothes Helps The Environment

With conversations around global warming on the rise, more and more people are moving towards living a sustainable lifestyle.  Believe it or not, recycling clothing helps the environment in the same way recycling bottles, paper, and plastic can. Here are the main reasons why clothes donation is great for the environment: Reduces landfill sites According … Read more

What is Ethical Clothes Recycling?

What is ethical clothes recycling? The statistics for the life-cycle of clothing and the overall negative impact on the environment is staggering. Ethical clothing recycling is ensuring that clothes are not thrown away before they have been used to the point where they are no longer usable. How many items of clothing that you buy … Read more

The Environmental Impact of Fast Fashion

Although ‘fast fashion’ became a buzzword in the late-nineties, it’s something that’s really taken off over the last few years. But what exactly is it, and how does it impact the world around us? What is fast fashion? Fast fashion is defined by Merriam Webster as ‘an approach to the design, creation, and marketing of … Read more

How to Declutter Your Wardrobe

We can’t believe that 2020 is just around the corner! If you want to kick off the new year (and decade!) in the right way, we recommend sorting through your old clothes. There’s nothing better than a decluttering detox! As well benefitting your own wellbeing, clearing out your wardrobe can help others too. Check out our … Read more

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