Can Fast Fashion Ever Be Sustainable?

Can fashion ever be sustainable?

The fashion industry accounts for 10% of all global carbon emissions and whilst there has been conversation around the fashion industry becoming more sustainable as we get closer and closer to yearly targets not being met, it’s important to evaluate if the fashion industry can ever become truly sustainable. 

High Demand

The main issue with the fashion industry is the high demand for new clothing, consumers have more options than ever before and brands want to meet their every requirement. Clothing production is the third biggest manufacturing industry in the world, and it is this high demand that results in fast fashion being so damaging to the environment. 

New trends now appear daily and consumers are wearing new items less and less, resulting in more items going to landfill. Our mission is to stop this from happening by recycling your unwanted clothing and exporting them for re-wear. A fixed amount of money per KG will be donated to your chosen partner’s charity. You can learn more about our mission here. 

Whilst the demand for fast fashion is still clearly around the consumer has begun to change it’s mindset. More questions are being asked around the difference between natural and organic materials and consumers want to know how the clothing has made it to the shop floor. 

Overtime consumers have began questioning popular fashion brands on their sustainability. Whilst these questions can be uncomfortable, it forces brands to make significant changes to their production methods and allows them to learn more about what it means to be an environmental friendly brand.

2019 saw a significant number of fashion brands announce sustainability targets for the very first time, or update their list with more ambitious goals. Brands such as GapLevi,  Abercrombie & Fitch are just a few examples of companies that made new promises in 2019.

Green Marketing

Over the past five years, we’ve seen a rise in marketing campaigns that focus on brands sharing how green/sustainable they are. Whilst many brands taking this approach are authentic, sadly some brands simply use this as a marketing technique to encourage more customers. 

Slogans such as ‘sustainable fashion’ and ‘kind to the environment’ have become more of a trend than a true authentic action.

It’s important that fashion brands do their research and align their business proposal with their marketing activities. Ensuring their production methods are environmentally friendly and their workers have healthy working conditions, means they are taking the correct steps to help to improve every corner of the fashion industry. 

Fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand, if the mindset of everyone in the industry changes, that includes the consumers, as well as, the companies providing the fashion. Whilst consumer demand for new trends is high, consumers are also demanding for brands be more conscious and aware of their environmental impact.

So what can brands do to be more sustainable? Here are some important changes we believe will make a difference:

  • Implement a recycling strategy
  • Be transparent about supply chains
  • Partner with sustainable branding partners
  • Create packaging that is eco-friendly
  • Use renewable energy where possible
  • Implement a recycling strategy
  • Create new launches less often
  • Create high-quality fashion 

If you are looking to take one step today why not recycle your unwanted items with us here at Collect My Clothes. Our aim is to be the hassle-free, environmentally friendly way of donating your unwanted clothing. Your goods will be exported for re-wear and a fixed amount of money per kg will be donated to your chosen partner charity. 

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