Best Way to Donate Clothes to Charity

Seems a little strange doesn’t it? Every conscientious person on the planet is trying to reduce their plastic wastage, yet somehow it is still acceptable for households in the UK to be ‘carpet bombed’ with a litter of plastic bags through their letterboxes.

Door to door clothing recycling bags not only make a mockery of the plastic reduction efforts we have seen come into play over the last few years, they are often misleading when referencing who they support and exactly how they support them.

Surely if the concept was introduced today it would at least be subject to the 5p per bag charge which is now in force in all retail outlets across the UK?

Even when we are talking about a legitimate cause, being run by a legitimate recycling partner, and ignoring the contribution to the plastic waste epidemic, it still seems unfair that the general public aren’t able to choose who their doorstep collection is to be in support of.

This is why Collect My Clothes was born. No more unsolicited junk mail. No more bogus charity collections . No more plastic waste.

As well as all these benefits, it’s also easy; get all your unwanted clothes and shoes into one place, bag or box them. All that’s left to do is go online, select which charity you wish to support, then go online and fill out a collection request. That is the beginning of a simple process which will end with your charity benefiting financially, your unwanted goods being sent to a place where they are wanted and your wardrobe becoming de-cluttered!